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Please ensure that your system meets the following requirements before contacting support.

- Operating system is Android version 4.0 or later

- At least 50MB of free SDCard or internal storage space is available on your device

- All test versions of PYKL3 are removed. There should be only ONE instance of PYKL3 Radar in your device's Applications


User receives error: We're sorry, but the server failed to authenticate your license.

It has been determine that the Google Play application sometimes becomes corrupted on devices.

Before going any further, first completely power off your device, then restarting the unit. Sometimes, this is enough to clear things up.

In order to resolve the error, there are two Methods to resolve this.

- Under your device's settings, tap Apps, then scroll down to the Google Play application.  
- Then, select clear data/clear cache
- Reboot your device
- Start Google Play briefly for it to regenerate its data store
- Restart PYKL3Radar

If this method fails to resolve the issue, you'll have to use a somewhat more obtrusive method.

- Uninstall PYKL3Radar
- Perform sequence (a) above
- Reinstall PYKL3Radar from Google Play
If you are prompted to purchase again, please see this link

There have been some users that, even with a brand new phone, a factory reset was required to get things going. In perusing some of the developer forums on the Internet, this drastic means to resolve the issue is certainly not limited to PYKL3Radar. Whether the issue is related to Google software or a handset manufacturer implementation remains unknown.

Please drop us a note at so that we can better refine these instructions. There have been very few user reports of this scenario thus making the resolution procedure a bit tricky.

Select the Google Play Apps
Perform the clearing on Google Play

Please note that the clearing of cache/data is done on the Google Play app--NOT PYKL3Radar

Amazon users receive Internal Service Failure error message

alt text

This error is actually caused by Amazon's Digital Rights Management software and is beyond the control of PYKL3Radar.

There are two potential issues with this message.

1. Users who purchase PYKL3Radar via Amazon's App Store must have the Amazon App Store application installed on their device to run PYKL3Radar. This is how Amazon controls digital rights (piracy prevention.)

2. Alternatively, it may indicate a corruption within Amazon's App Store application. Web searches have revealed that this is becoming an increasing problem and this page provides a solution which has enabled users to remedy the situation on their devices.

Amazon licenses do not transfer to Google Play or vice versa.

Program crashes or data not visible after upgrade

More than likely, your device experienced an interruption while acquiring the required downloads.

First, try to back up your preferences if you are able. Menu/Settings/Info and Support/Backup and Restore/Backup preferences

If PYKL3Radar opens, within PYKL3Radar, tap Menu/Settings/Info and Support/Reset Options/Reset All and tap your back key until the program exits and restart when you have a solid and speedy internet connection.

If this does not solve the issue...

To get things going again, perform the following operations
1. Uninstall PYKL3Radar
2.***DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP*** Delete the folder /sdcard/PYKL3Radar
3. Power off your device then restart it
4. Install PYKL3Radar
5. When a solid data connection is available, start PYKL3Radar 

You might find the free Android App called AndExplorer helpful in finding the PYKL3Radar directory. Also, the /sdcard directory may be aliased on your device and may be called Internal Storage or External Storage. Unfortunately, there is some variance in the different handset manufacturers.

'AFTER you have verified that things are working on your device, you can try to restore your preferences via Menu/Settings/Info and Support/Backup and Restore/Restore preferences

At this point, you should be go. If not, please contact

General guidance on Google error codes

Google error codes are quite cryptic and it certainly isn't always clear what action that a user should take. This page highlights some of the common error codes and provides recommended solutions.

XDA Developer Google Code Page

Program crashes or does not properly select a new radar site after returning from another screen

We have had a few reports of devices whereby the user has inappropriately toggled one of the developer options that automatically destroys process. This setting is for development purposes only and should never be enabled for normal use. The Android system is designed to effectively automatically remove processes that are no longer in use.

From the Android home screen, Settings > System > Developer options > Apps > Do not keep activities


Clearing options

If you have trouble with your maps, one or more of the map files may have failed to download correctly. Here is how you can resolve the issue.

Menu/More/Program Options/Info and Support/Reset Options/Clean GIS data

Radar data is automatically removed after files are greater than two hours old. To force removal of these files, select

Menu/More/Program Options/Info and Support/Reset Options/Clear Cache

To Reset ALL PYKL3 Preferences to their default, select

Menu/More/Program Options/Info and Support/Reset Options/Reset All

If you are unable to start the program, delete the PYKL3Radar directory off the sdcard and then go into Android's application settings (From the Android home screen, select Menu/Settings/Applications/Manage Applications and scroll down to PYKL3 Radar, then tap the options for clear data / clear cache.


Version 2.9 (and newer) is available only for Android 4.0 and up devices.

Version 2.4 (and newer) is available only for Android 2.2 and up devices.

Can't see lightning data? At present, lightning and radar data are available from AllisonHouse using the Storm Chaser or Storm Hunter package

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