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PYKL3Radar assistance

This information is provided for users to facilitate use of the program as no support of the program is available.

As support is no longer available, PYKL3Radar has been unpublished from the Google Play store. The last version of the program is expected to be available for an indefinite period of time on the Google Play store, per Google's policies, for those users who purchased a license of the software.

  • You may be unable to install PYKL3Radar on new devices.
  • You may be unable to re-install PYKL3Radar on any existing device after uninstalling.
  • No new licenses may be purchased for PYKL3Radar.
  • The apk will ONLY work with devices that utilize an account which licensed the program.
  • No updates to the program will be made.

PYKL3Radar is likely, but not guaranteed, to function for an indefinite time as we are closing our doors. All of the weather data used by the program comes from third party sources and depends solely on their availability. Changes by any data provider will cripple the functionality and may occur with no advance notice. Please carefully read all the information below if you are interested in keeping the program running as long as possible.

Obtaining the final version of the program (Provided AS-IS without warranty or support)

If you licensed the program on Google Play, you may download the final release ( Release 174) apk file and supplemental files. If you find that the Google licensing authorization fails, you'll need to ensure that the Google Play account under which you originally licensed P3 MUST BE ACTIVE on your device. Anyone who licensed PYKL3Radar is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to download and keep a copy of the apk file for future re-installs as this web page may disappear without notice. Do not delete your account--Google is very clear that all purchases are forfeited if you delete your account. There are NO provisions to transfer a license from one account to another.

Instructions on how to sideload Android programs may be obtained here.


If you have PYKL3Radar and have difficulty running the program, the following are the procedures are recommended.

A reset of the program

  1. Reset the program via Menu/Settings/Info and Support/Reset Options/Reset All
  2. Exit the program completely via the back key and then restart the application
  3. DO NOT UNINSTALL THE SOFTWARE and only do so as a last resort. You may be unable to reinstall from Google Play. However, while this site remains functional, you may download and sideload the final version. Not all devices are capable of sideload (in particular, Chromebook and possibly other devices).

If this does not resolve the issue, it indicates corruption has occurred of some of the key files used by the program (most frequently seen on Samsung branded devices).

In order to remove the corrupted files if the above procedure was not successful, you'll need to download a file manager program (We recommend the free AndExplorer app) or using a USB cable to connect your device to a PC. Search on your device (see supplemental file notes below) and delete the entire PYKL3Radar folder. Then, attempt to restart the program. This should clear everything to the initial state. If this does not return things to service, delete the folder, then uninstall and reinstall. If things still do not function, then one of the data providers made a change which has rendered the program usuable.

Supplemental files

PYKL3 Uses a number of supplemental files for the roads, terrain, etc. A collection of all files is available (With all Radar GIS data) (Without all Radar GIS data). Note if space is a concern on your device, remove any gis data. that is not needed. If this isn't apparent to you, then you'll have to leave all the data intact.

The first time the program is run, the program creates a file structure for the supplemental files. You'll need to first ascertain where your device is placing these files as it varies from device to device and Android release.

Some common locations for the PYKL3Radar directory include



and there may be many others.

We highly recommend you download and keep a copy of the supplemental files. It contains all the necessary supplemental and GIS data files for all radar sites. This will be important as the website used to store the information for the program may disappear without notice. Simply copy the contents of the PYKL3Radar directory from your PC onto your device.

We are sorry, but we are unable to offer any further product support for the software.

User's Manual

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