One-time In App Purchase

Note: PYKL3Radar is no longer supported. Users may continute to purchase the EVAPS add-on, but no support or refunds are offered.

The Enhanced Visual Algorithm Processing System (EVAPS) is yet another first for the Android weather radar user community. Using proprietary algorithms which preserve the integrity of the radar data, EVAPS achieves a minimum visual resolution increase of 16x over the raw PYKL3Radar imagery and doubles the resolution of NWS SuperResolution. Many users will now be able to better identify radar signatures since the radar image will now appear less blocky. EVAPS is applicable to all radial radar reflectivity products. Continuing with PYKL3Radar's tradition of offering extensive user customization, once purchased, EVAPS may be enabled or disabled at will.

The following images depict the visual differences between the original and enhanced algorithms. It's no wonder that so many users are excited about this new capability using the REAL radar data.

Original imagery


EVAPS enabled imagery


A program restart is required to enable or disable EVAPS after purchase